Investment Banking

We have recruited front to back across all asset classes and have conducted numerous Market Intelligence projects in this sector. You will have access to our trusted network of key players and rising stars.

Asset Management & Hedge Funds

We understand the nuances of the buy side and complexities on the alternative investment industry.  HFT co-lo strategies prevail for some whilst long only fixed income strategies work better for others. 

Transferable Talent

The brightest, most agile minds should be hired regardless of their sector speciality. Hiring industry veterans isn't always the way to gain a competitive advantage. Diversity and cross-fertilisation work.

Energy & Commodities Trading

A hard core of investment banks are sticking at it. The independent trading houses are advancing at pace to compete with the energy producers. Metals, Ags and Softs, we have you covered too.

Consulting & Service Providers

We share the same clients and we know what makes them tick. We'll be presenting candidates your clients will wish they had hired directly. We have particular expertise in helping SMEs grow in this sector.

Media & The Digital Agenda

Digitisation of media continues at pace with new frontiers evolving.  This digital agenda affects all businesses.  You'll find some of the best talent comes from the early adopters and we've been there since the beginning.