23 May 2018

The art of leaving Morgan Stanley and becoming a partner at McKinsey & Co.

Bored of IBD and want to work in consulting? Or want to go straight into consulting from university? Let Jill Zucker be your role model.

22 May 2018

Morning Coffee: UBS now wooing its pressured M&A bankers with different career paths. Ex-Deutsche Banker wants his bonus

There are now two ways to reach the top at UBS.

22 May 2018

The dress code that says you’ve made it at a hedge fund

If you want to demonstrate your status at a hedge fund, you'll need to wear one of these.

22 May 2018

How to evade this sketchy headhunter tactic and find the best finance recruiters

The latest trick that has finance recruiters talking is a bold move that can burn candidates, clients and other banking headhunters.

22 May 2018

These arcane trading jobs are proliferating thanks to MiFID II

As salespeople in banks lose authority, a new generation of quant traders are gaining the upper hand.

22 May 2018

Why consultants want to work for the Big Four over Bain and BCG

Everyone wants to work for McKinsey & Co? Why not other members of the MBB group?

22 May 2018

Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs’ secret strategy. Anti-elitism at Barclays

Goldman Sachs has got something special that could give it an edge come the next financial crisis.

21 May 2018

Quantitative hedge fund interviews and how to handle them

Want to work for a quant hedge fund? You'll face some of the hardest interviews in the industry.

21 May 2018

Another tech-focused banker leaves J.P. Morgan

Senior M&A bankers from both sides of the pond have recently left J.P. Morgan for competing firms.

21 May 2018

J.P. Morgan now poaching equities juniors from rivals

It's not just senior equities professionals who are finding new jobs. The market is hot enough that juniors are jumping after less than a year.