18 June 2018

Morning Coffee: The secret incentive to work for Goldman Sachs. The $35k course that will give you a $140k salary

Investment bankers at Goldman Sachs were given a side-project that may be earning them more money than their full-time gig.

15 June 2018

A brief guide to working on the trading floor during the World Cup

There is an art to doing World Cup season in an investment bank.

15 June 2018

These are the latest Credit Suisse interview questions

Interviewing with Credit Suisse? These are the interview questions you need to know how to answer.

15 June 2018

Two top Deutsche Bank equity derivatives MDs quit for Morgan Stanley

An MD who was promoted at Deutsche Bank in March is among those understood to be leaving for elsewhere.

13 June 2018

This is why hedge funds are better than private equity for M&A analysts

70% of top analysts at investment banks leave for private equity. That could be a mistake, says the head of investment talent development at Point72.

13 June 2018

How to get a job at Goldman Sachs with no degree and a background in face-painting

The expected growth of Goldman's new venture will open up job opportunities to those who typically wouldn't be considered by the investment bank.

13 June 2018

Canít code and want to stay in finance? This ex-Citi MD has a plan

This ex-Citi MD is trying to save his former colleagues on the trading floor.

13 June 2018

Senior investment bankers dumped as 2018 turns sour

You don't want to be an MD in the investment banking division of a bank in Europe this summer.

13 June 2018

Morning Coffee: Hedge fund manager warns that big wealth could damage your health. Blackrockís plan for world dominance

A hedge fund billionaire and Goldman Sachs team up to take on the wage gap. Yes, you read that right.

12 June 2018

How fintech jobs became boring

If you want to escape banking because you think fintech will be more exciting, you're making a mistake.