06 June 2018

Morning Coffee: Banks are intentionally freaking out their employees. Deutsche Bankers are getting rehired

Top executives at big banks may be going out of their way to stoke fear in the hearts of people who work there with job security concerns.

05 June 2018

Alasdair Warren is out at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has pulled the plug on its EMEA head of corporate finance.

05 June 2018

Citi MD: Bankers in Asia should be wary of “enormous salaries and inflated titles”

Job offers with bloated pay rises are becoming more common in Asian banking, but you should think twice before accepting one, says a senior Citi banker.

05 June 2018

“My CFA got me a buy-side role in Singapore. But it’s not helping me much on the job”

Without the CFA I could never have moved from banking to the buy-side. Trouble is, I’m not finding it so useful now I’ve moved.

05 June 2018

Why the most juvenile bankers love Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan

The world's youngest bankers have a love affair with big name banks.

05 June 2018

Are these the worst sorts of firms to work for on the buy-side?

Hedge funds and private equity firms aren't the only companies looking for investment talent.

05 June 2018

This is who gets jobs at Goldman Sachs and the world’s top hedge funds now

Michael Gelband's ExodusPointCapital is hiring. So is Goldman Sachs. Both are looking for similar sorts of people.

05 June 2018

Disillusionment at Deutsche Bank after yesterday’s IBD town hall

Deutsche's investment bankers got a pep talk yesterday. It doesn't seem to have had the desired effect.

05 June 2018

Morning Coffee: What banks’ top quants say about their jobs today. SocGen-Unicredit merger could save billions

Welcome to the new reality of working as a quant in finance.

04 June 2018

J. P. Morgan’s newest tech hire has the sort of CV that should make bankers scared

Once upon a time banks wanted to hire entrepreneurial young bankers. Now, entrepreneurial young technologists are the new-new thing.